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About Us

In 2015, I decided to make a career change to step away from the fast-paced corporate world into the world of tea.  I had always enjoyed drinking tea but one day I experienced the ritual of afternoon tea.  It was fantastic!  Afternoon tea forced me to slow down and have a real conversation with a family member or a good friend.  Those conversations are some of my most treasured memories and the inspiration for

Always Tea.

Coming from the corporate world I appreciate the time constraints placed on working professionals and the constant struggle to maintain healthy relationships with those we care about.   I started Always Tea in my home state of Virginia with the idea that I wanted to give folks the opportunity to enjoy a good cup of tea while engaging in real conversation

Always Tea is a family owned company that creates handcrafted custom tea blends in small batches to ensure absolute perfection in every cup.  As a small tea company, we can focus on experimenting with all types of tea and include fun, sometimes unique, but always quality ingredients.  Our inspiration for our teas comes from our families, friends and the local community.

Thank you for choosing Always Tea and stop by some time to enjoy a cup of tea and some friendly conversation, we would love to see you!

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