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Starting a new adventure is scary and exciting. Leaving a position that provided stability and a solid future for a tea company - one might say was a bit watered down. But I did it anyway.

I've always been a private person, guarding my emotions, my thoughts, and my dreams with extreme care. One day I discovered the art of Afternoon Tea by taking my mother for Mother's Day. I loved everything about the event - the tea, the savories, the sweets, the service, the ritual, the china, the crystal and most importantly the real conversation that my mom and I were able to enjoy for hours and hours.

Over the years, I've enjoyed Afternoon Tea and other tea events with so many family members and friends that I couldn't begin to count the numerous hours of pure pleasure. Having a deep unfiltered totally open conversation with these people who were so important to me was a gift. Turning this love into something else - something a little bigger - became Always Tea.

Why the name Always Tea? The name came from wanting to give something that I love to everyone around me - Time. Time to actually talk: deeply, openly, giving completely of oneself without cell phones or laptops while enjoying a beverage so delicious that it transports you to another time and place. Always Time for Tea is a well known phrase and our tag line is: Always Time for Friends, Always Time for Family and Always Time for Tea.

I believe that if you take a few minutes to brew a cup of tea with someone you care about it can create a deeper, richer connection between you and that person.



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